16 ZEPAR demon seal pendant, Goetia sigil necklace, Lemegeton jewelry, Lesser Key, occult pentacle, summoning demons ritual amul


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    Zepar is a Great Duke of Hell. He commands 26 legions of inferior spirits. His office is to cause women to love men, and bring them together in love. He makes women barren. He is depicted with red clothes and armor, like a soldier. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zepar seal pendant, Goetia sigil necklace, summoning demons ritual amulet, The high quality picture is covered by a durable high gloss glass bubble which both protects and enhances the image. -------------------------------------------------- OPTIONS TO CHOOSE: -------------------------------------------------- 2 sizes of the pendant to choose: - BIG PENDANT: 57 x 47 x 3 mm, cabochon 40 mm diameter - SMALL PENDANT: 42 x 32 x 3.8 mm, cabochon 30 mm diameter

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