Double pendant with your sigil, symbol or graphic | ritual, altar, magick, sorcery, occultism | talisman, necklace, jewelry, pen


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    When you buy this item, write what graphic or symbol you want have on each side! ---------------------------------- Check the video how it looks like: ---------------------------------- Handcrafted double sided pendant measures (30mm) and is created using a deep bezel. The high quality picture is covered by a durable high gloss glass bubble which both protects and enhances the image. Material: glass and brass. 4 finish options to choose: - with 55 cm stainless steel chain - with 65 cm stainless steel ball chain - with 45 cm leather cord - with 55 cm silk ribbon ---------------------------------------------------- If you want to order CONSECRATION RITUAL INSTRUCTION + HERBS (for example for Solomon Seals or Angel pentacles or any other pentac

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