Damballah veve art, altar decor, Voodoo print, magic talisman, Haitian vodou, Damballah sigil, magick, voodoo spirit ritul illus


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    Damballah sigil, veve print Damballah Wedo is depicted as a serpent or snake, and his veves reflect this aspect of him. His presence brings peace and harmony. As a source of life, he is also strongly associated with water and the rain. When he possesses a human, he does not speak but instead only hisses and whistles. His movements are also snake-like, and can including slithering along the ground, flicking his tongue, and climbing tall objects. Damballah Wedo is associated with creation and is viewed as a loving father to the world. Damballah Wedo is strongly connected to the ancestors, and he and his companion Ayida-Wedo are the oldest and wisest of the loa. Ayida Wedo is likewise associated with snakes and is Damballah’s partner in creation. Because the creative process is seen as sha

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