The Magic Triangle of King Solomon, ritual tool for summoning Angels and Demons and charging your Goetic & Solomonic coins, Magi


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    The Magic Triangle of King Solomon This magic triangle is intended to be a "landing point" for any spirits a magician is attempting to summon. It should be placed outside of their protective circle so the demon or angel may have freedom to enter or leave the triangle without disturbing the peace and safety of the magician or their assistant(s). An invocation from the Key of Solomon and other grimoires called The Spirit's Chain is often used in conjunction with the magic triangle. Part of the invocation commands the spirit to appear inside the triangle or be cursed into the bottomless abyss. - height 3.74'' = 9,5 cm - width: 4.33'' = 11 cm - size of the hole 1.57''= 4cm (coin is not included) - fits 44 Solomon Seals / 7 Archangels coins from my collection: https://fratersetnakh.etsy

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