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Seven Archangels seal talisman, Angel jewelry, Magic pendant, Occult necklace, Michael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Samael, Raphael, Tzafq


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Amazing handcrafted 7 Archangels pendant. In this planetary seal, there are depicted the symbols and names of the planets, the sigils and names of the corresponding Olympic Spirits (from the grimoire Arbatel --[16th century]) and the sigils and names of the corresponding Archangels (from Agrippa and Heptameron and planetary magic grimoire influenced by Agrippa). Choose your pendant. -------------------------------------------------- 2 options: to choose: - the high quality picture is covered by a durable high gloss glass bubble which both protects and enhances the image. - stainless steel pendant 30mm diameter -------------------------------------------------- OPTIONS TO CHOOSE: -------------------------------------------------- 2 sizes of the pendant to choose: - BIG PENDANT: 57 x 4

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